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The Frontier Difference

  • Repairs guaranteed
  • Parts guaranteed
  • Fast carry–in estimates

In–Home Service

Our in-home service technicians will come to your home for in and out of warranty repairs on large televisions including Projection, LCD and Plasma sets.

If your unit is under warranty and is covered for in-home service, you simply need to provide us with a copy of your bill of sale or if applicable extended warranty contract [...]

Carry–In Service

We will service your unit whether it is in warranty or out of warranty. If your unit is under warranty, simply bring it in with a copy of your bill of sale or the extended warranty. We will take it and service it at no charge.

If the warranty on your unit has expired you can bring it for a free estimate. In most cases we can provide you with a free estimate within approximately 15 minutes [...]

Ship–In Service

Sometimes it is more convenient to ship your unit in rather than to take it in yourself. When shipping your unit in, use a large enough box to allow adequate space for packing materials such as bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, or foam.

Remember to include a letter with your name, return address, daytime telephone number and a description of the trouble you are experiencing with your unit [...]